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Nimble Energy’s AI algorithms continuously analyze all data to deliver real-time insights, enabling building operators to identify key pain points.

Short- & Long-Term Savings

Our solution empowers clients to capitalize on short- and long-term opportunities, lowering utility costs and enhancing comfort and productivity.


Our platform provides the analysis and tools to allow users to shift from reactive to strategic planning, operations, and management.

Unlock Your Savings Universe:

Nimble Energy’s platform can uncover a wealth of opportunities for your commercial building portfolio. Our platform offers personalized guidance through the realms of savings prospects, energy economics, reporting, financing, rebates, incentives, forecasting, and project planning. Our actionable insights can simplify your decision-making, as well as develop compelling strategies to captivate stakeholders and secure their support and commitment. Explore the transformative potential of energy management with strategic guidance at your fingertips.

Revolutionary Tech Made Accessible:

Illuminate your path with our pioneering platform, in which AI and machine learning become your trusted allies in navigating the complexities of energy and utilities management. Automated integration and continuous quality assurance of key data sets enable a flow of valuable insights. Our technology performs the intricate work for you, providing a clear, user-friendly journey through the essential aspects of utility accounting, emissions tracking, operational efficiency, retrofits, emerging technologies, and energy-transition opportunities such as virtual power plants.

Efficiency Starts Here

Your Journey with Nimble Energy

Getting Started

We schedule a discovery session to learn about your unique building and energy needs.

Tailored Solution Design

After understanding your needs, our team recommends the modules and integrations best aligned with your goals.

Implementation & Training

Our team configures integrations, ingests all data, performs QA, and provides comprehensive training to maximize your benefits.

Continuous Improvement

Our platform provides continuous automated monitoring, QA, and strategic guidance to achieve your goals.

Energy and Software Excellence

Nimble Energy: Transforming Energy Management Across Sectors

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A problem worth solving

Buildings waste tons of energy, mostly from operational issues that can’t be solved by capital projects alone. Yet most building operators lack the energy management resources and tools needed to reduce waste.

Your Energy Ally

Navigating the Path to Proactive Energy Management

Save Staff Time

By automating data entry, QA, analysis, and reporting

Continuously Analyze Your Data

To look for opportunities that align with your goals

Offer Confidence in Savings

By using engineering and ML models aligned with industry standards

Evaluate Financial Metrics

To advise you on the likely outcomes and potential risks

Provide an Intuitive Interface

To allow you to find what you need quickly and easily

Formulate Energy Strategies

To allow for comprehensive, long-term planning
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